About us

Brick Global Ltd is a company that develops products and services based on Blockchain technology – “key” technology for digital transformation and building the future information technology platform.

We provide products and services registered valid license in Curaçao. Products and services can be used legally almost all countries in the world.

We are proactive in our service and will alert our customers of any malicious behavior that we find. Our staff is an amalgamation of talent, skill, creativity and innovation. We love what we do and it shows in the solutions we produce.



BrickWallet will be launched on 01/06/2020
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Our products based on Blockchain technology - a new technology with much potential in the future.

BrickWallet - A secure and intuitive crypto wallet

BrickWallet is a software program that stores private and public keys and interacts with various blockchain to enable users to send and receive digital currency and monitor their balance. BrickWallet includes Hard Wallet, Cloud Wallet and P2P Lending.

Outstanding features:

  • Apply the latest security technology: Keychain, Sandbox.
  • User can store your wallet independently on your phone…
  • Multilingual support: English, Chinese.
  • Support tokens: ERC20 (1000+ tokens), TRC20, TRC10, BEP2
  • Support coins such as BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC.
  • Provide Cloud Wallet as a general e-wallet for all products of Brick Global.
  • User can participate in financial activities of Brick such as BrickLend, BrickAirDrop.

BrickGame - Casino games: Revolution in the blockchain gaming

We provide famous casino games (Hilo, Poker, Mini Poker, Chinese Dice) based on Blockchain technology. It helps our Brick Game has the following outstanding features:

  • Has high transparency;
  • Low cost;
  • Deposit or withdraw coins easily and quickly;
  • Have an easy game interface to use.

BrickBet – Fairest and best transparent betting

Brick Bet is a trusted esports betting platform with pre-match and live markets

Outstanding features:

  • Low cost;
  • High odds
  • The interface is friendly and spectacular.


Road map

Brick Global is committed to building a comprehensive blockchain service platform covering payment, trading and game development.

Quarter 2 - 2020:

  • Beta BrickWallet

Quarter 3 - 2020:

  • Update more coins in BrickWallet
  • Operate Lend function in BrickWallet
  • Beta BrickBet version - eSports betting

Quarter 4 - 2020:

  • Release official BrickBet

Quarter 1 - 2021:

  • Operate BrickAirDrop service in BrickWallet

Quarter 2 - 2021:

  • Release beta BrickGame version
  • Launch BrickGame: casino games